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 BePrep Summer Course - UGent

BePrep Summer Course at Ghent University

All students who do not hold a EU diploma are expected to arrive at the start of September of their first master year at Ghent University. In September they should follow the Beprep Summer Course. Registration fee is about 200 €.

The BePrep Summer Course includes refresher's courses on mathematics, chemistry, laboratory skills, ecology and statistics. It additionally prepares the student for his/her studies at Ghent University, as it entails information sessions on IT platforms, traffic rules, a teaser course for the Dutch language and much more. It allows the student to get acquainted with the City of Ghent and Ghent University and to prepare the administration before the start of the master programme. 

Registration can be done here.

The course is highly recommended.

Please note that the programme as given on the BePrep website slightly differs than the programme for students of the Nematology master programme. The Nema Coordination Office will send the adjusted  programme to the students who informed the Nema Coordination office that they will join the master programme.


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