International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology


  • Where do I send my application to?

The application file with supporting documents for the scholarship should be sent to (deadline 15 January 20xx):

Ghent University - International MSc in Nematology - c/o Inge Dehennin
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 Gent

The application form for the admission letter to (deadline 1 March 20xx):

Ghent University
International Admissions Desk - c/o Inge Huyge
Sint-Pietersnieuwsstraat 33 UFO
9000 Gent

  • I want to include my signiture in the online application, but I do not know how to do it.

You cannot put your signature in the online application. You can only write your name. After you submitted your online application, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the pdf of your application form. You can print and hand-sign this document, if you have to send it to us. (When you apply for the VLIR-UOS/UG TopUp grant/Master Mind scholarship)

  • What to do when you have received pre-academic admission, but you did not manage to submit your file for an official admission letter at the International Admissions Desk within the deadline?

You will not be able to get an admission letter for the academic year you are applying for, but from 1 October 20xx, you will be able to continue the application for an official admission letter again. However, note that the admission letter will be for the academic year afterwards.
If you were also applying for a VLIR-UOS/UG TopUp grant/Master Mind scholarship, but were not shortlisted for any of the scholarships, but want to re-apply again, see question below.

  • I did not get a VLIR-UOS scholarship/UG master grant and cannot come as a self-sponsored student, but I have an official admission letter and want to re-apply for the scholarship in the next session?

Re-apply for the scholarship by filling in a new online application form on our website, so you can get a unique application number. There is no need to send the hard copy of the application form again, but inform us by e-mail if you have uploaded any new supporting documents and sum up which ones. The e-mail should have as subject: "your unique application number + new supporting documents".
From October 20xx onwards, send a mail to and ask for a deferred admission letter.

  • In my online application the fields under professional experience are compulsory, but I do not have any professional experience or I cannot upload a certificate of reemployment in my online application. How can I fill in these fields to be able to submit my application?

It is possible indeed that you just graduated and did not yet have a job. Therefor, you can fill in n/a (= not applicable) in the fields under professional experience. When you have to upload a document, upload a word-file in which you give a short explanation why you do not yet have any professional experience. You can use the same document for both the proof of employment, as the proof of reemployment.

  • What is a sealed envelope?

The idea of a sealed envelope is that the applicant did not touch the documents included in that envelope. Therefore sealed means signed/stamped by the referee and not closed with tape.

  • I want to re-apply for a scholarship, but I do not have an official admission letter

You will have to start the complete procedure again. However, there is no need to send your hard copy file for the scholarship application. After submitting your online file, please write us an e-mail mentioning your new unique application number in the subject and your complete name, and inform us in case you have uploaded new documents (f.ex. a new motivation letter, an extra diploma,...). We shall then print and prepare your updated file for the scholarship selection.

  • I want to apply for this master programme, but do not yet have my official diploma or academic transcripts, because I did not yet graduate (or recently graduated)

You can apply but please make sure you upload (1) an official certificate of enrollment indicating the expected date of graduation and award of diploma, (2) the academic transcripts you have acquired so far.

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