International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology
 Job & PhD Possibilities

Job & PhD Possibilities

We aim to provide training for people from all over the world that will allow them to become highly qualified scientists. More than 50% of our alumni have continued with a PhD in institutes worldwide. Our graduates use their knowledge of nematodes and how these organisms interact with the world around them to obtain postitions:

  • as researcher, consultants, policy makers, education,...
  • in universities, research institutes, GOs, NGOs, laboratories, private companies, industry (pharma, agro)
  • in topics such as: plant/food/crop protection, sustainable management of natural resources, biocontrol of crop pathogens, quarantaine, medicine, toxicology, polluition, biomonitoring and conservation of aquatic and terrestrial environments, environmental protection, estimating biodiversity and molecular biology of host-parasite interactions. A substantial proportion of our graduates go on to PhD positions in these areas.

Once you are an alumnus from the International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology, we regularly post and send PhD and job opportunities.

If you are looking for a PhD at Ghent University, please find more information here:


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