International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology
 Staff Nematology Course
The Nematology Course is organised by the Nematology Coordination Office, headed by the director of the master programme. There is an Educational Committee, headed by a chairman and secretary and an Examination committee. All lecturers and key staff are members of these committees. Students are also represented in the Nematology Educational Committee.
The teaching staff consists of lecturers from Ghent University, visiting professors and assisting staff.


Nematology Coordination Office


Prof. Dr. Wim Bert

Tenure track lecturer at the Faculty of Science - Dept. Biology - Head of Nematology Research Group
Chairman Nematology Educational Committee
Lecturer of the courses: Nematological Techniques, Nematode Systematics and Evolution, Diversity of Soil Nematodes, Professional Internship, Summer Course Networking & Seminars
Co-lecturer of the courses: Diversity of Plant-parasitic Nematodes, Datamining, Processing and Communication, Quarantine Nematodes


His main research interests include evolution of plant-parasitism, nematode morphology (light and electron microscopy), diversity and succession of compost nematodes, cryptic biodiversity. A key objective of his research is an integrative combination of morphology and sequences to assess nematode biodiversity: he wants to optimise nematode taxonomy combining (digital) morphological vouchers, DNA-based species delimitation, and all other relevant information using comprehensive databanks.
He is supervisor of 6 PhD students, several MSc students, and author of more than 60 refereed publications.
His research is mainly focused on Morphology, taxonomy and phylogeny of Tylenchomorpha. He also supervises MSc and PhD theses.

Inge Dehennin

Educational, administrative and logistic coordination of the International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology.

Member Facultary Commission Internationalisation, Ghent University

Member Resonance Group International Students, Ghent University


Nematology Educational Committee

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Wim Bert





Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Lieve  Gheysen

Tenured academic staff at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, UGent.
Lecturer of the course Molecular Aspects of Plant Nematode Relationships


Prof. Gheysen is Professor in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Ghent University. Her expertise includes plant transformation, analysis of genetic diversity, DNA markers, molecular biology techniques (cloning, molecular analyses), and plant-nematode interactions.

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