International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology
 Application procedure academic year 2018-2019

Online application 2018-2019 is online

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Application Procedure 2018-2019 (for start studies in September 2019)

⇒ If you have a European diploma:

Apply online here. After you have submitted this application form, we will check if your application meets the admission requirements. If you received an e-mail from the Nematology Coordination Office that you are pre-academically admitted, you can start the enrollment procedure

⇒ If you do not have a Belgian diploma:
You will need an official admission letter to Ghent University in order to enroll and in some cases to apply for a visa.

How can you get an official admission letter?

  1. Apply online on our website for pre-academic admission. Deadline is 3 January 2019. Then the Nematology Educational Committee will screen your file for completeness and academic eligibility. Once your file is complete and you are academically eligible, you will receive an e-mail that you are pre-academically admitted and with further instructions. This is not yet an official admission. What to do next?
  2. In case you apply for a VLIR-UOS scholarship, a UGent TopUp grant or Master Mind scholarship: send the hard copy of this application together with all uploaded documents by postal mail to: Nematology Coordination Office, c/o Inge Dehennin, K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Deadline of arrival is 15 January 2019. (No hard copy = not included in the selection for scholarships.)
  3. For all candidates: In our e-mail of pre-academic admission, there will be a link to a website where you should register as a prospective student. You will be asked to fill in a second application form in order to to get an official admission letter. Fill in this application form and send it together with:
    • Copy of your international passport / official national identitiy card in case you do not have an international passport
    • Copies of your diploma and complete academic transcripts certified by the issuing university/notarian and afterwards legalized by the Belgian Embassy in the country where the diploma was issued. It is also possible that the legalization can be done by a recognized authority in your country: please check the website  --> legalization of documents
    • For diplomas issued in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria: a copy of your diploma and complete academic transcripts originally certified by the issuing university and immediately sent by that university in a sealed envelope

      These documents should be sent to the following address:
      Ghent University
      International Admissions Desk - c/o Inge Huyge
      Sint-Pietersnieuwsstraat 33 UFO
      9000 Gent

      The deadline for students who require a visa to come to study in Belgium = 1 March 2019  -  Students who do not require a visa = 1 June 2019

Once we receive your admission letter from the student administration office, we will send it to you by e-mail and by postal mail.


Application for a VLIR-UOS scholarship/UGent TopUp grant/Master Mind scholarship:

The application for these scholarships is done with the same application form as the one when you apply for pre-academic admission. You have to fulfill the complete application procedure as described above and indicate in the application form that you wish to apply for the scholarships. Make sure that you first check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship and that you fill in all the questions in the application form.

The selection for the scholarships is divided in 2 phases:

  1. A first selection is done by the Nematology Educational Committee, who selects a limited number of candidates out of all the applications. The list will be published the latest on 8 February 2019. It will be published on our website by use of the unique application number (received when submitting the application form). The candidates on these list will continue to the second selection
  2. In the second selection phase, the VLIR-UOS or Ugent TopUp grant or Master Mind Selection Committee, will make a final selection out of the shortlisted candidates of phase 1. The final result will be published the latest in May 2019.

Some details about the Nematology online application form for pre-academic admission:

  • When you go to the application form, you will end up on a website where you will be asked to first register. Fill in your e-mail address and choose a password. After this registration, you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to your personal application form. Check your spam-box.
  • You can enter your application form by using your e-mail address and the chosen password.
  • You can only register once with the chosen e-mail address.
  • In your application form you will be asked to upload the following documents:
    • picture: a clear picture of yourself
    • diploma. If you did not yet graduate, please upload an official certificate proving that you are enrolled and mentioning your expecting date of graduation.
    • academic transcripts. This is an overview of all the courses you have attended within one BSc or MSc programme, including your examination scores. If you did not yet graduate, upload the academic transcripts you have acquired so far.
    • an official document explaining the scoring system used at your university. Sometimes this is mentioned on the academic transcripts.
    • a proof of English proficiency (see admission requirements)
    • a motivation letter. This is very important when you apply for a scholarship: describe the reasons why you specifically wish to study this master programme and what are your future plans.
    • your curriculum vitae (CV)
    • 2 recommendation letters: It is not compulsory to upload these, because some referees prefer to write a private recommendation. Your recommendation letters can either be sent by you in a sealed envelope, or directly by your referee either by postal mail or by e-mail.
  • We accept documents in English, Dutch, French and German. When your diploma/academic transcripts are not drawn up in any of these languages, please make sure that you have official translations and include documents in both languages
  • We prefer files in pdf. When your document has more pages and you do not have the possibility to make a pdf, you can make a word-file and insert the pages of your document as pictures in your word-file (in the correct order).
  • In the end of your application, you will be asked to sign the application form. You only have to fill in your name. Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive an automatic e-mail with attached a pdf of your application. When you have to send your hard copy, print it and then hand sign the document.
  • You can only submit a complete application form! Once you have filled in all the fields marked with a dot, a submit button will appear in the right corner.
  • Once submitted, you will not be able to make any changes anymore. Please contact us if you wish to change something.

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