International MSc in Agro- and Environmental Nematology
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Are you interested in:

environmental protection
food security
sustainable agriculture
climate change
genetic and genomic aspects of model organisms as a basis to understand diseases

then the International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology is an excellent choice


The International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology is a unique  academic master programme that brings together internationally renowned staff to train students in the broad field of Nematology and its many applications.

Due to the ubiquitous presence, overwhelming densities and diversity of nematodes and their use as a model organism, the study programme and research is characterised by its multidisciplinary approach and applications. Agricultural and environmental issues are the major focal points. This includes sustainable pest management, crop protection, biodiversity, soil management, molecular and genetic studies to unravel host-parasite relationships; and the use of nematodes as bio-indicators in a diverse set of terrestrial, freshwater, brackish or marine habitats in tropical and temperate regions, and extreme environments.

The programme includes training and research on the diversity and biology of plant-parasitic, insect-parasitic and free-living nematodes. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of microscopy and molecular techniques and accurate identification skills, as well as practical applications and problem solving challenges in the area of agronomy and/or environmental sciences.

Our current associated partners are:
ILVO Merelbeke (BE), Bonn University (DE), E-Nema Kiel (DE), University of Evora (PT), National Plant protection Institute Wageningen (NE), Wageningen University (NE), James Hutton Institute (UK), North-West University (SA), Federal University of Pernambuco (BR), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (NG, KE).

The Course is funded by the VLIR-UOS and Belgian Development Cooperation.


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